Layout to .dwg issues - Text offsets

Is this preventable?

There’s an issue related to multi line text. The LayOut team have been working on it. See:

Dave, thank you very much for explaining that.

Is this ongoing or is it a bug that can be fixed?

I don’t have any updated information about it. Since the next version of SketchUp and LayOut are released around this time of year, if we are to see a fix for it, it would come in the next version. Based on past history, I wouldn’t expect to see a bug fix for LayOut 2018 now. But then I don’t work for them and they don’t tell me (or anyone outside) what their plans are.

Right. Well thanks again for taking the time.

(…by no means aimed at you Dave, but) it’s seems crazy that a bug-fix would be included as a major release rather than rectifying a significant mistake, promptly. Just sounds like really poor policy.

Coming from the world of Audio Production, this would never happen in any platform. They make a mistake, consumers demand immediately (within hours of release) that it be fixed and it is addressed immediately. Obviously the real-time nature of Audio has different requirements but when an Engineer asks for a .dwg in addition to the PDF before the work can commence, it’s really embarrassing to send such a shocking looking document after spending epic amounts of time ironing out every detail. I just don’t have the time. It’s very disappointing.

Historically speaking they have done some bug fixes in maintenance releases. This year has been very unusual in that there’ve been no maintenance releases except for one for Mac related to issues created by Mojave which was released on 12 November.

That is some useful perspective.

But it is much like the Satellite imagery thing. Basically unusable.

I don’t get efficiency from this program. I don’t get industry cred. I’m starting to feel like what I get is a shell of a program, propped up by independent programmers (basically open source) only I’m paying $1000 AUD for something that cannot be vetted or optimized because it’s not controlled by the people who “make” it.

I guess i’m just pissed because i’m starting out in this business and I was looking for something where I’m not forced into a subscription scenario. But things like this effectively make it so.