Cannot align texture

Hi! I’m trying to align the texture of brick pavers to a single band of pavers at a specific dimension. However, when I position the texture there are 2 problems occurring:

  1. The angle of the texture orientation keeps snapping to the grid and the difference between one rotation degree to the next is too big of a jump so it never aligns. Is there a way to fine tune this or to rotate the texture independently of scale as well? I tried the Enroth texture extension but it does not do anything (maybe a version incompatibility issue?)

  2. No matter what angle I set it at, it still renders to the same orientation iin VRAY. I tried grouping the face with the paver texture and applying the texture to the outside of the group but this did not help.

Please help, this is driving me insane!

Might be. What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile.

Pro 2020 for PC

Please fix your forum profile. It doesn’t indicate a SketchUp version and says you are using Mac.
[edit: I see you fixed that while I was typing. Thank you.]

You could set a guideline at the desired angle to give you a reference when rotating the texture. To be able to rotate it, the text must be applied to a face, not a group/component container.

I work 1/2 the time on my Mac which has a different version than my work computer, so I go back and forth.

I rotated the texture on the face itself but it always reverts to the ‘default’ position in vray

If you have a texture applied to the group and a texture applied to the faces, vray will probably ignore the faces and use the Group texture, therefore negating the alignment on the faces.

I rotated the texture on the face, color picked it, and placed it onto the group. Is there a different way to do it?

Why are you putting it on the group? You should be applying the texture to the face(s) inside the group.

I saw something that said Vray needs the texture applied to the outside of the group, so I was trying to do that. It is on the face as well

Here is the SKP texture angle vs the Vray rendering

Did you orient the face of the alley correctly, with the white facing outwards?

That is if you use a displacement map.

If the alley is curved and you want the texture to follow this curve, then transform it into Quads and use ThruPaint to apply the texture.