Vray Next texture align problem

Hi, I have just started to use Vray Next and if I align the texture on a face there is nothing changed on the render. If i use the same direction and texture size on both side it works, but in the older Vray it is easy to use. If i change the texture will change on the render. Do i make something wrong or it is a bug or just more complicated. I hate it.

Sounds like a ‘Reversed Faces’ issue. I’ve replicated it here:

Switch to ‘Monochrome’ face style to check.

Then reverse the face so that the front side of the face is up (and therefore back side is down).


Maybe there is an error of your file location. Like the picture down below:

If the sign shows. You need the to find the file. It works for some people. Hopefully, it works for you.

Hi eric-s,
Thank you for your reply. It was anyway which side i have painted in the older sketchup and vray program. Why is it so complicated now? I have just rendered what i see on the picture. Do you have any idea how can i set this side thing off?

Thank you for your help, the file location is ok. I guess is Face side problem but i can understand why is it so important in the newer program.

@eric-s may correct me, but I don’t think there is any change in the behaviour with the texturing on back sides of faces in V-Ray Next or 5 in comparison with older versions.

I used to work with older verisons in the last 5 years and i have never had a problem like this. Thank you!

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