Candleholder with copper pipe

candleholder with copper pipe.skp (578.6 KB)

hello a nasty Q.
I made this one but on drawing the tread is not possible for me maybe for you?
pls. advice.
I want make two more in smaller scale i like them on a drawing too.
regards Albert

This is just a quickie with no attempt to make it match yours.

Create a solid group/component that looks like the path the cutting tool would take if it were cutting the spiral slot in one pass. Then intersect it with the turned shape and delete the waste. If you make both the turned piece and the “cutter” as solid groups or components, you can use the Difference tool in BoolTools2 to make quick work of it. Otherwise you can use Intersect Faces and erase the waste.


Magic man thanks. Good example. Trying to make it like this.

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Dave its not clear how you make that “green spiral part”.Pls. explaine.

I used the Curve Maker extension to draw the spiral and extended the ends of it a bit. Then Upright Extruder to extrude a profile to follow the spiral path.

I went from this post to the New York Times homepage and saw this image of DNA models (I think)


I don’t think you can managed this in SU.

Sure you can! Here is a video of making a spiral with native tools (if you choose not to use Spiralmaker)… then just use Follow Me to create the solid.

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I think you might struggle to follow me an upright rectangle around a spiral.
It turns into a weird curly fry thing. Mmmmm curly fries…
I’ve done it a few ways with native tools but the Eneroth upright extruder extension is lovely for this.

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