Candle holder

kandelaar.skp (112.5 KB)
hello this blank 10x100x50mm should be a candle holder. some problems with: the tennon, should be divergent. the lower part is round the upper quare som the problem is the shape of the corners.
pls. advice.
grt. Albert.

Can you share a sketch of what this thing is supposed to look like? From the model and your words I can’t quite understand.

As a separate issue, if the block is supposed to be 50x100 it isn’t modeled very accurately. You can enter precise measurements as you draw an object and the result will be exact dimensions without those trailing digits.

Steve thanks for quick reaction.
Measurement not so important.
The lower side is round has a tenon for the chuck and should be 1 mm
Divergerend. This and the corners I am not successful with drawing technic .

De onderkant is dus rond met een tenon voor de Chuck. Deze moet 1 mm divergerend zijn kon ik ook niet tekenen.
Het gaat dus om die afronding van de hoeken.
Grt. Albert

Follow Me and then cut off the waste.

Steve and Dave thanks for the solution. I put the tenon also in the first part. I learned a lot from you after a few hours puzzling.
Grt. Till the next Q &A.

I did basically the same idea as @DaveR though I produced the follow-me profile by putting a slice through your model so as to get the shape of both the top and the bottom recess. But it looked to me as if the shape of the outer part of the profile was curved, not straight (hard to tell in your photo), so I eyeballed a curve. The flats look bigger than on yours, so I probably didn’t get the curve quite right.

The problem is that you have to use SU often to keep familiar. Memory is also a big problem. Age problem!

Kind of like anything else you do.

Nog wat duidelijker.

I understand the top. If you take a straight-on picture from the side that will clarify the shape of the bottom part of the profile. It depends on what path your tool followed while turning the part.

By the way, whenever you want to model something turned on a lathe, the best way is to start with a cross-section profile and use follow-me to imitate the rotating cutting action on the lathe.

One Q. That SU forum goes over the hole world. We’re do two live?

I live in the USA, in a town north of Boston Massachusetts.

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CANDLE HOLDER 1.skp (510.0 KB)

Hello trouble shooters.
some problem arisen with cutaway pieces.
pls. advive

You need to create the flat faces where the rectangular sides cut the turned part. In the attached you can see how I moved the cutter down to overlap the turned part, opened it for edit, selected all, and then did intersect faces with model to create the flats. I had to draw some edges to close gaps in the perimeter because things weren’t perfectly lined up, but then I could select the portion of each side and its edges and edit-copy them. Then I closed the cutter and did edit-paste in place to put the flats into the turned part. Finally, I erased the portions of the turned part outside the flats.

As as suggestion, life would be easier if you also made the turned part into a component, as that allows drawing the cutter in place without immediately sticking to the turned part.

CANDLE HOLDER 1 fixed.skp (497.8 KB)

Thanks :+1: