Need a pointer or two on modifying this model

Hope someone can give me a tip or two on making the elements in this model more ‘organic’. It is a model of a mirror stand I am working on. I would like it to represent a stylised tree trunk with a couple of buttress roots at the bottom. The blocky components are the likely timber components I would begin carving from. On the bottom of the upright I drew some rough curves of rough profile I want to start at the bottom. I would l like to carve out to these arcs and bring these flutes up to around the line at 1200mm on the upright where they would disappear into a roughly conical shape to the top. Hope that makes sense. I have used this program quite a bit but irregularly and everytime I have to relearn it again! But this is something different to I’ve ever done before! Thanks

mirrorstand.skp (146.2 KB)

Oh wow thanks! I can see there is a lot to unpack here because I’ve never done anything like this but I just wanted to say a quick thanks now and I’ll have a look tomorrow and no doubt have more questions! thanks so much for your time.

I just don’t have the level of experience to follow the vid sorry. I managed to load up curviloft into my trial version of SU but I really have no idea on the making of the parts that this plugin can use. I played around with making some dummy parts as in the attached file (They are not the actual shape or dimensions I need - just trying to get something to work - anything!) But I don’t know what you’re doing in the vid to make it work! sorry

Untitled.skp (143.4 KB)

Also I found out I can’t have a free version of SU anymore. Can I use this plugin in this thing called … Make is it?

Yes, SketchUp Make 2017 is free for non-commercial use and you can use extensions with it…

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Then try with just Line tool. To make it easier for you, make sure the number of segments of the base is equal to the number of segments of the top. It’s not necessary to explode the curves, I just did it to make it easier for you to see and understand that I drew lines with which I joined the vertices of the two ends.

Thanks! I will give this a go

Thanks for your time. I’m giving up with this I can’t even understand how to do that. I just get a mess. back to pen and paper
Untitled.skp (160.9 KB)

I did many youtube tutorials over the years but they are all piecemeal. Is there a good block of sequential tutorials anywhere, like a course in SU that will give me a good foundation? I don’t care if it is a course over a week, but this patchy knowledge I have is just too frustrating. cheers

You can start with the official Campus for learning.

One thing to keep in mind, SU geometry is made of flat faces, to create a cylinder those face are rectangles, but as soon as you add a complex curve the faces need to be triangle, as the three points of a triangle always form a flat face, but add the fourth to make a rectangle and they don’t automatically align.

So to stitch your shape together you must join the correct endpoints to form those triangles. Also be aware that things don’t need to be so far apart, you can move things after they are joined.
As @mihai.s mentioned, exploding the curves allows you to see the endpoints more easily.

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Thanks Box. I tried with things close together and exploded. Does this look like I’m on the right track? I’m sorry I’m frustrated, but now I see I can run a free version too not just a trial with a finite life, I’m happier to commit more time to learning.
Untitled.skp (161.2 KB)

That is correct, now rotate copy it around three times and you have it.

Actually, sorry, you are one segment off the correct quadrant.

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I think it looks like I connected them up shifted one segment away from correct on the circle. Can I use the rotate tool to spin the circle back?

Hah, I just replied as yours came in

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Just erase and redraw the correct edge.

OK thanks

I think this is correctly constructed. How do I stop the lines from showing up? Is this zfighting?
Untitled.skp (177.5 KB)

That is a style setting.
Which version are you using, 2017 Make, the desktop version I assume.
You can adjust it in the style dialog by turning off Profiles and then updating the style, or quickly by going View/Edge Style/Profiles

It’s different in the web version.
Can you update your forum profile to show what you are using so we don’t have to guess.