Help creating Spiral

I’m trying to create a spiral around a solid rod as in this image (blue part) but not sure how to start. Any tips?

If I were doing that I would start with the Helix tool in the Curve Maker extension. Then I’d draw a profile of the auger at one end and use Upright Extruder to extrude the profile along the helix.

Much the same process as I use to model screw threads. See:


Just what I wanted to do. Thanks!!!


Good deal. Remember to correct the face orientation on the auger.

Thanks Dave.
Now I’m a bit stuck with the last bit. I made a cutter to cut out the outer container and the inner cylinder but I can’t get the cutter to work. It complains about something being locked. I’ve slid the auger out of the way because I don’t want that to be cut and I’ve placed the cutter (and tagged it Red). Do you know what I could be doing wrong? This is only my second su project so I’m a bit of a noob :slight_smile:
Machine for Plastic.skp (917.9 KB)

I’m not seeing anything in your model that is locked. Here I’ve hidden the end of the box thing so we can see what’s happening and I’m using Eneroth Solid Tools because they respect the components which the native Solid Tools don’t. The steps are Trim, select the box and trim with the red cutter. Then deleselect anything that is selected, get Subtract, click on the tube and then the red cutter. You could use Trim on the second one if you want to keep the cutter.

Thanks Dave for the help.