Can view thumbnails, runs fine, but can't view files

I’m trying to view two files… I downloaded the viewer with no success… after multiple installations and repairs with no change. I download the Sketchup program, with the ability to view the thumbnail. I have also noticed the program has trouble refreshing itself when i change it to full screen or back to a adjustable window. Both the viewer and Sketchup had this issue. Any help is welcomed.

Did you install correctly by selecting Run as administrator? Is the driver for your graphics card up to date?

Can you share the files so we can see if there’s an issue with the files?

Thx for the response i ran sketchup check up with success. and here are the files

Sevins_Bed_-_SEND.skp (852.5 KB)

Headboard_SEND.skp (2.7 MB)

My laptop is longer in service by hp company , one of the early models of i5 series. The last up date for my laptop is handled by hp and was about a year ago. :C.

Here, see if you can open this one, it is both parts of the bed together with all the other junk removed.
Sevins_BedAll.skp (193.7 KB)

Both files opened without issue at my end.

Notice you have an ATI graphic card. Are you able to update the graphic card via the ATI/AMD website?

By default, to conserve battery life, laptops use the integrated Intel graphic chipset instead of the graphic card. Are you using SU17? If you can open SU, you can check which graphic option is being used by SU. In SU, go to Window > Preferences > OpenGL > and click on the Detail button to see what is being used.

If SU is not using the ATI card, open your graphic card control panel and go to it’s 3D settings. There should be an option override the default graphics hardware option being used by SU. You want the more powerful card.

I noticed the files were SU16. You also could try installing SU16.

srry… no go
talked about it being version 14.x.x and saving would be an issue. thx for the help. I’m gonna try the g. card option next

I did some quick rechecks. All old drivers, a few driver sites too gud to be true, you know. I tried SU16. same issue. I checked my gccp. It did not work, but i can still game so my 3D is still working. I gonna look into a fix. Also ran the program as admin.

In SU16 its possible to disable hardware acceleration which bypasses the ATI graphic driver, with the CPU doing all the work.

In SU16 go to Window > Preferences > OpenGL and disable Use hardware acceleration. Restart SU16. Any change? If so, finger pointing can be done at the driver being the cause of your problem. If no change, the issue may be something else. (Hardware acceleration is required in SU17, so this test cannot be done in SU17.)

That just means it has been saved as 2014 (which I did deliberately as it means it can be opened in any version from the latest back to 2014) but the fact your saw that message says it opened.
What did you see after that message?
Nothing? A blank Screen? The program Froze? You got a Bug Splat?
It is very hard to get to the problem without some details from you.

srry guys :worried:, for the belated response and thank you again for your help. I just tried the hardware acceleration options and it was a success.:heart_eyes: I immediately saw the lady and colored back ground the first file was a success. the second file gave me a notice that it was in a 17. format and i was on a 16. I download the plans again to see if was because of me saving, i think.
the warning message did not appear 100 percent of the time more like 3/5 times it would notify me… other than window resizing issue. I had no other problems… out of (2X) times of running the program did it crash only once and then it was a soft crash.
my cpu, gpu, and ram were all in normal levels and temp.
Just tried the second file and no go the file was saved in 17 originally.:expressionless:
Never give up… Never Surrender…

Try the one I uploaded. It is both files in one saved as 2014 so it is no problem to open in 2016.

Thank you for time and effort.:hugs:
I am a bit of noob :yum: This will help me greatly. Now I Just need to work my tail off for more powerful pc.:money_mouth_face::weary::pensive::grin: thx again

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