Can't View any of my Sketchup Files

When I open sketchup 2015 which I have used to create a vast number of models saved on our network I cannot view any part of any of the models, just a blank screen. If I draw a line it doesn’t appear on the screen. The model is still all there as if I select randomly on screen I can select invisible linework and I can see the thumbnails of the scenes created in the model info. Also I can import the scenes into Layout where they appear fine. There are threads on here about this happening with a single model but can’t find anywhere where every model created is affected.

I have also downloaded a trial version of 2016 and the same problems persists. I had downloaded a trial version of 2017 and got an error message that my graphics card needed to be updated to run the program so is it possibly a case that I have a wider system issue than just sketchup? The graphics card is Nvidia Geforce 7300 LE and I have been using this for years without issue

The symptoms sound a lot like a graphics card or driver issue. Not many applications use OpenGL as intensively as SketchUp, so there could be a problem without you seeing any effect except in SketchUp.

If there is also an integrated graphics in your computer, recheck that the system is set up to use the Nvidia for SketchUp. Check carefully whether Windows has recently updated the drivers or settings (Windows 10, in particular, is very determined to update drivers and some of the updates are known to cause issues with SketchUp). On the web you can find various OpenGL test programs that you could use to check whether there is a basic problem with the card or drivers.

As of 2017 the SketchUp graphics were reworked. They now require more advanced OpenGL than earlier versions and do not provide software emulation of hardware acceleration. So unless your card and its drivers can support OpenGL 3.0 without issues, 2016 is the end of the line for that card.

A screenshot would help understand what is going on.

See these:
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Screenshot attached but doesn’t really show much as there is just nothing on the screen except the blank interface!
As you can see from screenshot, when I select an area of the interface I can bring up component and linework info so the model is still actually all there, my computer just can’t seem to show it to me.
Can a graphics card get corrupted or just stop functioning for some other reason?
Just to say I have actually run a health check on graphics card and comes back with no errors !

Screen shot|690x388

I’ve also been using this graphics card with Sketchup without issue for years, this is a problem that just started about maybe a week or two ago - I first noticed it when I opened an old model in passing but just assumed at the time that it had been deleted or something so was only this week I actually needed to model something and noticed it had stopped working entirely.
I do know that my graphics card doesn’t have capability to run 2018 though cos when I perform the checkup it tells me it doesn’t have enough memory and doesn’t have latest version of OpenGL but this shouldn’t affect 2015

No file is linked. I think a screenshot would tell quite a lot.

RE: GeForce 7300 LE 128MB

The graphics card was below the recommended specs for SU 2015 as well.
Most likely you have been running SU 2015 with Hardware Acceleration turned off.
Perhaps it was inadvertently turned it back on.

In SU 2015
Click … Window > Preferences > OpenGL
There, deselect: Use Hardware Acceleration and also deselect: Use Maximum Texture Size

Close and then restart SketchUp for the new setting to take effect.


You’re a genius…. Job done and thanks a mil

I have no idea why that would have suddenly got selected all by itself cos I could bet my granny that I didn’t do it, but I guess that’s just why I love computers so much!

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The recommended specs are just that, recommended. OpenGL support is the determining factor. I ditched my old computer some years ago. It had a 64 MB graphics card that was way below the recommended spec for SketchUp 8, but I never had any problems running it with hardware acceleration. The two computers I have at home right now have less VRAM than what is recommended for SketchUp 2018, but, again, it runs quite OK.

I had the same problem. It turns out I had fog activated.

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