Can`t launch SKETCHUP 2019. Help!

I can´t enter my sketchup pro 2019 suscription. I have tried even to start with the trial version but doesnt allow me. I always end up in a loop without being able to open it. My suscription is updated so I cant see what the problem is.
I unistalled and installed it twice. This happened when I updated the last version that appear in a mail.
Please help! I need to finish and present a project that I had already done.

In the top right corner of the welcome screen is a small avatar. If you click on that, what email address does it show? Try to sign out, and then sign in again, making sure you are using the email address that has been assigned your subscription.

Thanks. I was looping and always got to the download and over to start again. Finally I could open it.

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