Can’t find project

Hey everyone, sorry to bother you.

I signed up for an account back in October 2023 I believe and started a project. I’m trying to find it again but no luck.
I’ve tried the last couple of nights and I am feeling defeated. I’ve tried logging in on Google, Apple, and Microsoft but to no avail. Any advice would be much appreciated!



You really have to remember which e-mail address you used to log in when you created your project. No one else can help much with this, except perhaps @colin .

In the meantime, my suggestion is that when you enter to the webapp, select the Trimble Connect menu on the left side and by clicking on the icon in front of Projects, make sure that "All Servers" get the check mark

Thank you for the response!
So I only have the 2 email addresses and have tried them both.
I’ve made sure “All Servers” is selected, but still nothing. I’ll keep trying between my 2 emails in the meantime.
Appreciate your input!

Your hotmail email, that you use in the forum, is the one that was started in October. The other email shows as having started today.

You could try going in via the Trimble Connect page, and see if that then shows up more models:

Ok, that’s the one I thought. I just tried the Trimble connect page, but no luck.
Thanks for trying though guys, I appreciate the help!