Can someone who does not own SketchUp Pro use Trimble Creator

I have tried to use Trimble Creator and have not been able to do more than open someone else’s model and then download it with SketchUp Web.

Clicking the EDU Mode does nothing
I thought that there was a tutorial with Trimble Crator

Hi Booney,

Trimble Creator is currently accessible for all while in open beta.

Can you confirm if the tutorial module is working? You should be able to find it on the top right:

The Module itself needs* some improvements (we will need to find a way to stop pestering you about saves between each step!) but it should walk you through the core interface features to get started.

Your SketchUp profile lists your current SketchUp as Make 2017. I’d note that live Components themselves do not work in Make, but that won’t stop you from being able to use Trimble Creator to make graphs while in beta.

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Nothing happens when I click on that button

What browser do you use?
Are popups enabled?

I was using Edge with pop-ups enabled. When I switched to Chrome the Tutorials came up. Thanks


@booneyrex Would you mind sending a short video/gif of the issue you’re having? Is it the tutorial module button in the top right that isn’t working, or is it it the individual tutorials that you can’t open?

I have no idea how to send a gif or even how to make one.

It is the tutorial module button that is not working for me in Edge browser. Nothing happens when I click the button it does not even turn gray when I hoover my mouse over it like the other buttons do.

And today the button with the wrench it not doing anything also. It was working the other day.

Everything works just fine in my Chrome browser.

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