First major update to Trimble Creator Beta!

First major update to Trimble Creator Beta!

Hi team,

Thanks for staying tuned and checking out the Beta. Your feedback keeps improving Trimble Creator. Thank you!

This update is focused on addressing some feedback and usability tweaks based on your feedback in workshops and forums, as well as cleaning up some loose ends around the initial Beta release. Plus some new features and a ton of bug fixes!

Key features

  • SketchUp Camera Controls
    Please note that this is still in development, and is only for mouse (not trackpad) at this time.

  • Cabinet view
    Press ‘c’ in the graph to toggle between horizontal and isometric graph views. This option has been around for a while, but support for it has improved:

  • Geometry stubs now pulse on hover of a node for better discoverability:

  • New context menu option to rename nodes:

  • The tutorial panel features new patterns and step-by-step build tutorials.
    Plus it is now resizable :slight_smile:

  • You can now set the output unit of graphs.

    • To change the graph output length unit, right-click on the graph background, and select the output length from the ‘Graph length unit’ menu item.
    • By default, the output unit of a graph is millimeters eg. a rectangle that is 1000,1000 will be 1 metre (1000mm) in width/length
    • By changing this output unit to inches, say, the same rectangle will be 25.4 metres (1000 inches) in width/length in SketchUp.
    • We strongly recommend setting this unit at the start of your authoring process (otherwise you will have to adjust your entire graph to match your output unit!):


  • Fixed a bug that crashed the app if a connection replaced an existing, selected connection
  • Fixed a bug node creation menu not working on Safari
  • Fixed bug preventing save due to credential refresh failing
  • Fixed bug that caused the app to crash when setting graph output units
  • 3d view framing on ‘f’ has improved
  • Parameter panel can now be resized
  • Fixed issue that caused duplicate nodes to be created after copy/paste
  • Improved node interaction support for browsers other than chrome. Please report issues when you find them though!
  • Fixed ‘My Trimble’ redirect not working
  • Fixed context menu spilling out of the bottom of the screen
  • Fixed node creation menu spilling off the right side of the screen
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the graph to crash with improperly formed JSON on nodes that require JSON formatting
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a graph with a null value in it to not load
  • Fix for errored node names not being red
  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to create overlapping nodes
  • Fixed an issue where the view would become offset if a node was renamed near the edge of the screen.
  • Fixed crash while deleting a node that is being moved
  • Fixed crash on adding items to list
  • Fixed a bug that prevented more than 3 items be added to a list
  • Fixed crash on empty list inspection
  • Removed size output from the ‘geometry asset’ node
  • Fixed crash inspecting vector list
  • Fixed bug allowing click-drag from input stubs which do not have defaults

In addition to app improvements, you might have noticed that the nodes you use in Creator gained new functionality, or had bugs fixed.

Node features

  • Extrude now supports list extrusion lengths matching primitive count
  • Renamed Geometry centroid node to Geometry center
  • Added a “Centroid” mode to the Geometry center node

Node bugfixes

  • Created a new version of the Random vector node, and deprecated the old one. The new node version fixes a bug that caused spherical random vectors to always be in the positive space
  • Fixed a bug on the Add vectors node whereby vectors were not summed on the result output
  • Fixed a bug that caused TRB curves to lose their transforms on import
  • Fixed a precision issue with TRB import
  • Fixed a bug with authentication for searching, saving, and loading assets.
  • Smartsize now errors more clearly with incorrect axis values

horizontal view = plan view

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