Beta.8 - Release notes & Known Issues

Hi team. We are back with another update of Trimble Creator. We have some really nice new features in this release that we think you’ll like.

The release notes for beta.8 are below.

The full release notes (including for previous releases), and the list of known issues are also documented here.


  • Publishing graphs. We’ve added the ability to tag graphs as “published” on save through the save dialogue. Tagging a graph as published will make it visible to all other users of Trimble Creator. A few concepts to keep in mind when publishing graphs:
  1. Other users will only be able to see graphs you have tagged as published.

  2. You can see which of your own graphs are published through the “published” badge on the item in the browser.

  3. Only you will be able to see a graph’s “published” tag. If you see a graph by another user, they have published it, and it is implied that it is a published graph.

  • Leaving description graphs. The description of a graph will appear in the tooltip when hovering over the graph in the asset browser. You can see which graphs have descriptions through the comment icon on the item in the browser.

  • “Mine” tab. We re-introduced the “mine” tab into the asset browser to help you easily find your own assets.

  • The “Report an issue” tab is now a “Submit feedback” tab. Feel free to continue using this to let us know about bugs you come across, but also use it to request any features you’d like us to add to Trimble Creator.

  • Tab name now reflects graph name. The tab name now reflects the name of the graph that is currently open.

  • Updated featured graphs list. We’ve added some new graphs to our list of featured graph in the asset browser. Check them out to see how some of these Live Components are made!


  • Fixed a bug where the inspected output list of a string list is not scrollable with a mouse/trackpad.
  • Fixed a bug where undo of a connection delete reorders the connections
  • Fixed a bug where the only way to turn off the point rendering is to press the point rendering toggle twice.
  • Fixed a bug where the SketchUp camera controls was a bit jittery when first orbiting.
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Good morning
What does adding an announcement banner mean?
You’re not going to stick us in the pub, I hope!
I think the increase in the license price is enough to cover the development costs!
Please reassure us.

Hi Simjoubert.

No need to worry, the announcement header is just a banner at the top the app that lets us easily tell you when there is a new release and new features in the graph.


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Yeah “MIne” tab is back.
Are the graphs saved there private ?