Beta.6 - Release notes & Known Issues

Release notes & Known Issues

for Trimble Creator Beta

Hi Team, we are constantly working to make Trimble Creator and Live Components great experiences (a large portion of this work will take a while before it can see the light of day).

For the more immediate changes, please find a link below to the full release notes of previous Betas. This doc is also available from the feedback menu, as well as here.

If you don’t want to click the link, please find below a copy of the release notes for Beta.6 & Beta.5.

Release notes


Feb 24, 2023

  • Node documentation. We’ve released a first batch of documentation on nodes. More to come!


  • Fixed failing geometry downloads
  • Fixed adding vector list items to vector list inputs causing crash


Jan 18, 2023

  • Version browsing. Every time you save your graph in Creator, a new version is created. When you search for a graph, you can now browse older versions and use them if needed. Open a graph by clicking the edit (pencil) icon.

  • Output node locking. Locking an output node allows users to more easily output select other nodes without having to hold SHIFT to add/remove output nodes. Unlock a locked node by output selecting the locked node:

  • Less unsaved changes dialogs. This was a much needed and requested change. Users will still be warned if there are unsaved changes to any graph, but if you want to rapidly step through tutorial steps without making changes you can do so without warnings at every step:

  • Copy paste of output selected nodes will keep those nodes output selected:

  • Connection order can now be inspected by hovering over geometry connections. Connection order is zero-based so that the first connection is [0], the second [1] etc:


  • Improved undo reliability.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing “f” to frame (or zoom extents) would frame both the 3d view and the graph view.
  • ?version=latest now correctly updates the URL to the graph’s latest version URI again
  • Fixed a bug that caused graphs to appear modified on load when they were not.
  • Fixed a bug that caused restored graphs to appear un-modified on reconnect.
  • Removed opacity from the Material node as it is un-used in our renderers.

Known issues

  • Chrome is the formally supported browser for the beta. Other browsers (in particular Safari) might exhibit a degraded experience. We did fix node creation in Safari though.
  • Search can be slow (5-10sec). Be as specific as possible.
  • Parameter changes made via the parameter panel are not recorded in the undo/redo stack
  • The parameter viewer color picker can sometimes linger.
  • Cannot save graphs with some special characters in the name (example: ‘:’).
  • Inspecting in- and outputs of nodes sometimes requires them to be output selected.
  • The UI/UX for inspecting node in- & output list data is rough.
  • On some OSX machines, the app, browser (and sometimes machine) can crash when resizing the views or window. This is a browser bug related to the graphics handling on these machines.
  • TrimBIM import does not import textures. It does import other material properties, like color, transparency, and texture coordinates.
  • Undoing a delete of nodes that had geometry connections to other nodes in the graph might result in the order of geometry connections not being correctly restored. This might result in different graph behavior in cases where this order is important (example: Switch nodes).
  • Point and wireframe display state affect each other
  • Connecting (geometry of) the same node twice into another node crashes Creator
  • No units shown for choice parameters
  • Unable to paste file via context menu
  • Connecting (geometry of) the same node twice into another node crashes Creator
  • Unable to paste file via context menu
  • Units not able to be set back to none in Parameter panel
  • CombineData node validation fails with list input
  • Pasting can cause crash
  • Paste right after “new graph” crashes


  • Loading Trimble Creator in a background tab may fail to load the app correctly.
  • Missing textures/geometry in the 3D viewer. A browser CORS issue is preventing some textures from loading in the app. Any geometry with a texture is not being displayed in the 3D viewer.
  • No load indication while loading the graph viewer when first loading the app.
  • No load indication while loading a graph from the graph asset browser.
  • If you’re getting this message when saving, there might be a TID (Trimble identity) credentials issue:

    To recover from this, layout select and copy the entire graph, start a new one in another tab, and paste the copied graph into the empty graph. Yes, you can copy across tabs!
  • When saving new versions of a file, an overzealous check for name clash happens, resulting in having to click through an extra dialog.
  • .trb import can cause objects to lose their transformations. This may appear as primitives being moved to the world origin. Until this is fixed, please use .obj imports where practical.
  • ‘Open in SketchUp’ UI is rough at the moment, and the camera is badly positioned by default. Use the camera controls in the toolbar to frame better.
  • Sometimes a duplicate node (ghost node) is created on node creation. Save and reload the file to clean up the ghost nodes.
  • Adding vector list items to vector list inputs will crash the app.
  • Nodes can be created on top of each other.
  • Context menus can sometimes overlap.