Bugs in trimble creator for a few days

Hello All

I have problems since the new version of trimble creator, it only works in Chrome, it no longer works in firefox, on ipad I can no longer open a graph
and when I import a live component in the sketchup app for ipad, when I want to configure my component the textures disappear (my component works fine in sketchup 2022, I save it in trimble connect to get it on my ipad )
I confirm that before the public beta everything was working
is it the same for everyone? thank you in advance for your feedback

I don’t have this version history, I only started since it was made public.
I have session bugs that expires and no longer allows saving the work in progress. Very often it freezes for a few moments. I work on Firefox
to be continued

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ok not for me it runs indefinitely

I add a caveat on Firefox, Copy-paste is inactive.
Mail, it works on Chrome.
There are surely security settings behind this!

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Thanks for the feedback!

We will try to sure up firefox. Chrome is the easier browser for us to support while we are trying to move fast with development.

Session restore isn’t in its final form yet. Future iterations should be more robust (but this is a tricky feature too).

I can repro the texture bug in some situations on iPad, logging a bug for it.