Can Someone Please Reach Out?

I have been emailing and attempting to ‘chat’ for 4 days trying to get ahold of customer service. Is this typical of SketchUp?

There is no direct customer service line I can see.

Any help appreciated.

Considering that the Customer Service department is small and they are all working from home, it’s entirely possible that they just haven’t gotten to your ticket yet. You did put in a ticket for support, correct?

Is it possible someone here could help you?

I’ve tried billing, buisness serivices, as general ‘help’. No one.

This has been since Monday.

If you outline your problems here, then maybe someone will have some useful advice without you having to jump through formal support hoops…
Also some SketchUp guys might also see it here and chip in…
You can but try…

TIG I understand and if it were technical I’d do that. This is a billing issue.

Thanks all the same.

Just new to SketchUp and curious if this is typical for customer service to take 4-5 buisness days.

As I said, right now the staff are working under difficult situations and support can take longer.

Yes the situation is difficult, for everyone.


Did you use this form?

I was able to find two of the times that you have contacted us. Don’t quite know why, but the requests went through to sales, and one of the requests was transferred to customer service yesterday.

I replied to that one, so look for a message that just came from us, and reply with what it is you need have checked into.

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