Can someone help me make a hole?


The problem I’m having is that I need to cut out a square on both sides of the bus stop banner.
It needs to become a window that you can see through. Yes, I do know how to make windows but the problem is that it’s a png image. If I make a square it’s connected to the image and it doesn’t cut out the square if I use push/pull. Please help me

I can’t tell where you want the square holes but you should be able to draw squares aligned with the location where you want the holes and push them through with Push/Pull. Then use Intersect Faces to intersect the extrusion with the surfaces and finally erase the unneeded geometry.

If you want the hole where I’m putting it, first explode the images so they become textures.

Yes, that’s exactly where I want the hole to be.
I’ll try it out now.

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FWIW, you would be wise to learn about and use groups and components in your models.

Here it is with the hole I put in it and cleaned up a bit.
UnderArmour Bus Stop V1.skp (1.3 MB)

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Thanks Dave! I’ll look into it some more.