Can not subtract multiple objects

Hi guys,

I am trying to model a garden lounge set, to extract my cutlists and to design my workflow in the workshop. It is a L-shaped set, so i copied and rotated my first “half”, and I want to trim the new half to exact size, but solidtools does not let me extract it, because my group is not “solid”. All individual pieces of the group are solid.

I could subtract all the pieces individually, but I feel like finding a solution would stop my frustration on my next models…


lounge.skp (61.6 KB)

A group that has nested groups or components inside doesn’t count as a “solid” even if all the parts are, It is a limitation.

Hi Anssi,

Thank you for your reply!

So is there no way to preserve individual groups inside a group when you want to extract some part of it? This would be very usefull to me, because sometimes I need to move planks/plates after I have extracted them, because my model changes a bit…


not sure if I explained that in a way you can understand haha

Put the cutter inside the nested group with the things you want to cut.

I opened your model. I assume you want to cut the slats with the big box? I converted one of the slats to a component and replaced the others with instances of that component I also extended the box to encompass the ends of the slats. Then, instead of using the native Subtract tool, I used Subtract from Eneroth Solid Tools which respects the “component-ness” and doesn’t convert components to groups. Of course for something as simple as this, it would have been just as easy to open one of the component for editing and use Push/Pull to adjust the length.

lounge.skp (54.1 KB)

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