Grouping multiple solids - cannot create new solid

Hi There!
I’m trying to group solids together in order to subtract the whole from another solid (shown in red).
However, when grouping together I will at a minimum get an error of 3 nested solids. They cannot be subtracted individually from the red solid. The helicals are not perfectly matched but they’re solid…
Any help would be SO MUCH appreciated!!
Subtraction!.skp (13.5 MB)

Like this?

A nested group cannot be a solid so the Solid Tools won’t work with it. You either need to explode the nested group so you leave the three strands as separate solid components and do the subtraction one at a time or explode the strand components inside to make the nested group a solid base level group. I exploded the top level group.

Thank you Dave, for your reply.
I will further venture into your comments on how it could be done but no, that is not the result I’ve been looking for

Based on the model you supplied, that’s what you get when you subtract the “wire” components from the outer insulation. If that’s not what you ant, you’d need to change the model.

Edit: Apologies. I missed the central cylinder in your group. Subtracting it, too, leaves this.

To DaveR

I am absolutely at your deference!
Could you possibly forward the .skp of the last image?

Here you go.

Subtraction! (1).skp (2.8 MB)

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