Subtract 2 objects


is it possible in sketchup to subtract these 2 objects (cut the piece of furniture with the white cube)?

I get an error from SU :frowning:

Is your piece of furniture a solid?

this is the furniture sliced

The furniture come from 3dwarehouse

You can download my file (cube+furniture) at

I would like my furniture become like this (image below photoshoped, not in real 3D)

If you are trying to Subtract using Solid Tools, you need to have both pieces be solids. It looks like this piece of furniture is a collection of faces that does not create a solid.
This might help you:

thanks for your reply

This part of the furniture is not a solid.

How transform that no solid part in a solid part ?

I’m newbie with SU.

That’s too hard me for me.

In that case I would recommend this link:


I use SU for a tiny personnal project, I 'm not interested for spending hours and hours

Well, although SketchUp’s easier to learn than many 3D modeling apps, that doesn’t mean you can jump in and solve complex drawing issues without some study of the basics!

Well, the more time you invest in learning, the less time it will take you to model!

… can’t help it… i teach SketchUp to people for a living…



I know the basics of sketchup, but sometimes an expert’s advice is welcome.

This is my project below (Skechtup + twilight)