Subtract Object Order

I’m not sure when it started, but I’ve noticed something odd when I try to subtract one object from another.

Say I’ve got a block and I want to subtract a cylinder from it. Nothing special, just putting a hole in it.

Yes, there’s simpler ways to put a hole in it without the Solid Tools, but bear with me on this one.

So, I select the cylinder. I select the block. I go into the menu, to Solid Tools, and then select Subtract.
Now, 70-80% of the time, the result is exactly what you’d expect. I get my block with a hole in it, and everyone’s happy. Sometimes, however, both objects disappear. I have to undo and try again, repeat exactly what I did, and then it works like it should. I’ve only noticed this on my Windows workstation. I don’t think my mac has ever given me this issue.

Tell me I’m not crazy.

I prefer using one of the solid tool plugins to trim or cut, but I have used the native tools.

What I have found is that sometimes if two solid objects share the same plane you can end up with them disappearing or getting weird combined results. I try to have the ‘cutter’ always be proud of what I’m cutting… seems to eliminate the issue of SketchUp getting confused.

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I don’t select the objects before I get the subtract tool. I just make sure it’s not in the edit mode.
After getting the subtract tool, I hover over the object I want to subtract and make sure the #1 shows then click. Then, I hover over the thing that I want it taken from and make sure it shows
#2, then click. Sometimes wierd things happen, you’re not crazy. Most of the times it works.

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Instead, get the Subtract tool first, and then recite the mantra, “Subtract this from that.” as you click first on the cylinder and then on the box

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Why not push the circle through the box to remove the cylinder or does it not go all the way through the box?

I expect that’s a simplified example.

Of course Push/Pull could be used even if it doesn’t go all the way, though.

For something like the steam passages in the cylinder on this engine, the Boolean tools would be an easier option. I wouldn’t use the native Solid Tools, though.