Two solid objects but Solid Tools "subtract" is not working

Hello, everyone. Solid Tools is not working properly with my models here. As you can see in my photo. My object is as solid as a Mack Truck.

helen project.skp (895.4 KB)
(The large cylinder base). But when I first pick my letter objects like N, E, S, W which are also reporting as solid… the Solid Tools claims my base cylinder is not solid.

In other words here is the proper order of selection that I’m using and Solid Tools is not working right.

I’m attaching the sketchup file if anyone wants to see the mystery.

First, I select one of the solid letters like “N”, Then I select the Solid Tools “subract”, then you are supposed to be able to pick the solid object you want to remove the “N” from. But when I hover over my cylinder base, Sketchup Claims it’s not solid.

What can I do to fix this, please?

For further explaining… What I normally do is create letters I want to subtract from objects in order to “engrave” the base objects. So I push/pull my letters higher than I need them and then simply use Solid Tools “subtract” to engrave my base objects.

Despite what Solid Inspector says, the medal isn’t solid as a Mack Truck. Look at Entity Info with it selected.

All those edges like the ones selected would prevent it from being solid because they are each shared by more than two faces. To be solid, every edge must be shared by exactly two faces. No more and no less.

Change the way your leaves are drawn to get rid of that issue and you should be in good shape.

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Darn, leave it to me to find a way to make an object trick the Solid Inspector tool. CleanUp3, also did not notice or fix this. Now I know why you pro’s do everything manually.

Thanks, Dave. I’ll try to manually fix this, then.

There may be other things causing that shape to be not solid, too.

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