The solid tools inform me of an error (Subtract and cut) [French and English Help me please]


I have the Pro version of Sketchup, and when I want to subtract a hole for a window location I get an alert message informing me that the objects are either locked or unstable. I’ve been trying to understand how these tools work for several days, I understood perfectly, but my Sketchup doesn’t want to know anything. Here is a screenshot in French of the problem, and a translation of the error message in English.

French: “Parmi les objets sélectionnés, un ou plusieurs objets ne sont pas des solides ou sont verrouillés. Les objets non solides/verrouillés seront désélectionnés avant la réalisation de l’opération.”

English: “Among the selected objects, one or more objects are not solids or are locked. Non-solid/locked objects will be deselected before the operation is performed.”




It’s not telling you they are unstable. It’s telling you that at least one component or group is not a solid. There are different reasons that a group or component is not a solid. In simple terms a group or component will be considered solid if and only if every edge in it is shared by exactly two faces. Make sure all of your groups and components meet that standard.

Note that nested groups or components will not be considered solid even if the groups/components inside are solid.



All right, thank you. I tried to understand your message, I removed the wooden siding, I only have my wall section and the window frame. Even with both objects in solid form I can’t subtract to make a hole. When I try to quote with 2 white squares it works perfectly, I use the same technique it doesn’t want on my model. What’s wrong or I didn’t understand on the solid? My plan is perfect I can’t understand for the shot, and I don’t see myself making the holes manually especially with the wooden cladding which has a particular shape on each slat

The message on the second screenshot is identical to the first one



Evidently not or the Solid tools would work. I’ll ask one more time, share the SKP file and we’ll be able to help you identify where the problem is. Otherwise we are only guessing and that’s a waste of your time as well as ours.



Be aware that I am French is that the words I write in my language are translated, between French and English, there is similarity, synonyms of words that are not translated the same.

In short, here is my project reduced to the building that blocks, I warn you, it’s heavy! I tried to compress it as much as I could. I couldn’t put it here, he tells me I’m limited to 3MB. I had to host it on an online zip host. With us in France it is late, so I go to bed. I’ll see tomorrow in the morning your point of view on the problem. thank



Un confrère français :smiley:

Si je comprends bien vous voulez faire le trou pour la fenêtre ?
Peut être que un composant dans votre modèle est verrouillé ce qui empêche l’opération.
Ou que il y’a une face cachée quelques part au niveau de la fenêtre.
Personellement j’utilise skp make donc je peut pas trop aidé mais comme dit le collègue plus haut,partager nous votre modèle pour pouvoir mieux cerné votre problème.



The wall that that you are trying to cut through is made up of individual T&G boards and so is not a single solid object, so the solid tools wont work on it as a whole ( only on the individual boards). So you could do each board individually with multiple instances of the hole shape!

You can try using the plugin “solid inspector” which will show you if an item is solid or not too.

In this case it might be better to use your block that is the negative window space and “intersect its geometry with the model” (context click - intersect faces) and then delete the parts you don’t want.

Another option might be to use the “flex tools hole cutter” which will cut through multiple faces.

The T&G boards also have a lot of un-need geometry and would be better as component instances.
Currently they are not components or groups as the ends are in a separate group to their faces.

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Thank you, I found a solution during the night to make the holes, I had to do it all over again, it only took me the morning. But! You didn’t answer me for nothing! I took something I didn’t know we could do like that too! THANK YOU!



That’s good. Another option would be to make your board lengths to fit the framing (like a real world build) and assemble.