Can no longer show/hide components like before in web version

Web version (Linux) a few days ago I could still see components of a project with checkboxes (or eyes) next to them to show them / hide them.
Now the view is different, the components show as something to add, there doesn’t seem to be a way to simply show/hide the existing ones.
This is a new thing, it was still easy a few days ago.
So how do I show a hidden component now?

I expect you’re thinking of Tags. Tags have the eye symbol for showing or hiding component or groups that have those tags assigned to them.

The components themselves don’t have and never have had an eye symbol for hiding/showing. If you hid components instead of using tags for visibility control, you can choose to show hidden objects in the Display panel.

Ah! Ok thanks! It’s interesting because whenever I created Components they were automatically given a tag then, and I must have somehow deleted these tags I guess.

They could only be given a tag automatically if you weren’t leaving the pencil icon on Untagged. That would result in the geometry not being untagged though.

Best workflow is to create and leave the geometry untagged and tag only components and groups.

I like the way your brain works

If your trial period run out, you won’t be able to use Outliner, any more.

You can still hide and unhide objects and save those states to a scene, though.
To hide, rightclick and choose from the context menu, to spot hidden objects or geometry, check the Display options on the right:

or begin typing in the search bar:

Ah! I knew there was something different!
So that’s why? Because the trial ran out?
But if I run on Linux all I can use is the web version right? And I would still pay the full licence for a limited version of the software?

There are a few people who report they got SketchUp to run in Linux either on a VM or using Wine. But such things are not supported by Trimble; you are on your own. The only official path is a web version in a compatible browser.

If you are running the web-based version it would be Sketchup Shop which is currently $119/year. If you are using SketchUp for your work, you would need to be running Shop or Pro anyway and without doing what Steve indicated, Pro wouldn’t be it for you.

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