Can my imported files be changed to 3D models?


Morning, I’m new to SketchUp, but love what I’ve seen and want to learn how to really use it. I’ve started some of the tutorials and plan to continue. Could someone explain how I can take JPEG of a floor plan and make a 3D model?

Much appreciated.


Using native tools:

  • import the image into your model and place it on the red-green plane
  • trace the edges of the walls using the line tool. Pay close attention to the inference engine markers while doing so, as it is otherwise easy to place some of your geometry off-plane or to leave gaps. Off-plane and gaps, even by tiny amounts, will cause you no end of grief later!


Thanks, can’t wait to try it out.


One more thing I forgot: use construction lines (tape measure tool) to keep lines parallel to the red and green axis and to each other. Otherwise it is easy to create not-quite-square walls that will also drive you nuts later!