Noob Needing Quick Help

All – I simply want to find out if I can import a picture of an airplane into Sketchup and have the system help me generate a 3D drawing with dimensions. Can anyone help me with the first step – getting the drawing into the system>

You can use the import feature to import the image and then use the various tools to trace it and make it 3D. After that you can add dimensions.

How will you use the model after you create it?

I would like to take the image, trace it, make it 3D and then divide it into several pieces so that I can add additional detail – to include dimensions, etc. I would be happy to send you the picture if that would help with some standard guidance. I am sure that I am trying to jump into the deep end here, but…

Feel free to add the image into a reply so we can see what you are starting with.

Here you go! :slight_smile:

Interesting airplane. Is that the only image you have of it? I would perhaps import that image into SketchUp to us as a reference but it’s not really suitable for tracing. Much of it looks like it’s perfect for using Follow Me. Take some time to learn the basics of SketchUp before you dive in.

Here are links to a couple of the live modelling videos where a Trimble/SU expert goes through the process for modelling a 3D aircraft. If not of any use to you they are well worth watching, but bear in mind these are professional modellers so it can be a bit quick in places but you can rewind and watch many times until the penny drops.

I will watch – thank you!

That looks easy to model, there are a couple of ways to model it with native tools as well as with plug-ins, but using the follow me tools is the easiest like someone already told you.

Help! :slight_smile:

On the Sketchucation Web Site, I while ago (in 2005), I did a tutorial showing the steps to create a 3D airplane using only three small images to start with. There where not that many plugins at this time, probably none in fact, so I used only native tools.

See this file for the images.

Airplane_Starting pictures.skp (665.1 KB)

And this one for the result.

Canadair_C-Serie_Model130.skp (767.2 KB)

There is a slight error in the shape of the wings but the idea is there.

The tutorial is composed of seven separate files with many scenes in each.

If someone is interested I can try to post all that in the forum.


Perfect, ok. I will review tomorrow and let you know how it goes!

To learn the basics you can start here:

Starting from a hexagon. with Vertex Tools, FredoCorner and SUbD

3D print ready (solid group)

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How does a turbojet-powered spaceship work when no air comes into the air intakes?

I am just amazed at the talent here and what people are able to do! Now if I had dimensions, could we add those as a way to come up with a scale?

Yes, if you have dimensions you can use them to create your model.
I just showed you a way in which can be created, but for you, it is advisable to follow the link that tweenulzeven showed you and learn the basic things in SketchUp to be able to draw your model with the native tools, with Follow Me, as already indicated to you by Dave.

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Perfect and thank you. I am just a couple of hours into my study! :slight_smile:

There doesn’t seem to be any dimensions provided on the website but you could contact them and ask for the dimensions. I asssume you are modeling this as a hobbyist perhaps with a view to making a tangible model?

Since you are using SketchUp Free (Web), once you learn how to use the Follow Me tool you can use the following as a guide for your basic set up. This is based on the elevation view from the website which @mihai.s also used. I moved the image over to make the modeled parts easier to see.

Three setups for Follow Me: one for the main body of the rocket once for the engine ducts, and one for the cone at the intake end of the engines. It looks like there’s a sort of fin along the body of the rocket which was added in later.

Clearly this rocket and the one in your image are different iterations. Again, you might contact the company and see if they would provide you with better images along with the dimensions.