Can I use this model?

Can I use this model?
How well made is it? I don’t like the uneven grid

Can you use it for what? You can clean up the appearance by softening some edges.

Hello. for rendering. You mean to correct the grid manually?

Are you referring to those visible edges? You can softening them manually. If you’re going to use it in rendering those edges won’t show even if you leave them visible in the model. If the chair is just a background object it’ll probably be fine in your render. If it’s the focus of the rendered image, you might find you want smoother curves. If that’s the case, you’ll have more work to do to make it usable.

Try a render with it as it is and see what you think. It won’t to try.

Yes, the chair is a background object. There will be no close-ups of the camera.

Снимок экрана 2023-04-01 182843
Render failed

After I deleted the chair model and re-rendered the scene, everything was fine. I’ll look for another model)))

How was anyone supposed to guess that you wanted to know if you could use that chair model in a vray render.

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I meant: how well is this part modeled for rendering?