How can this backrest be re-modeled?


Hi everybody.

I download the following model from the 3D Warehouse.

At first it looks like a simple chair, probably some of you think it’s too basic.

But I’m still learning and I was inspecting the different components.
I think I know how to draw almost everything except the pink backrest.

I attach the file if someone want to inspect on their own.

studying_chair2.skp (664.9 KB)

Thanks in advance.


The backrest can certainly be modelled in SketchUp, either with native tools (a lot of work) or with the help of plugins. But it looks to me as if it came originally from other software, perhaps directly from the manufacturer’s original files (Solidworks, Inventor or something like that).

If I was modelling this I would try to make a much simplified version. This model has, for instance, all the minuscule roundings that serve mainly to bloat file size and make SketchUp slower. Imagine what will happen if you model a large classroom and place, for example, 100 of these in it.


@Anssi Thank you so much for the info and the recommendation.
What are Solidworks and Invetor? I mean … are they programs, providers of forniture or what?
I maybe try some things more, if it works, I will let you know.


Yes, in a word. They are CAD software, both very expensive, but largely considered industry-standard for 3D modeling (to my knowledge). Many of the models you find on the 3D Warehouse are original SolidWorks or Autodesk Inventor models that have been imported into SketchUp.


Thank you again :wink:


You might like to see the thread I started on simplifying over-detailed 3dwarehouse models.


Cool @john_mcclenahan, thank you.


I think this is the most precise shape I could get.

I attach the file if someone is interested but I used intersect faces to make cuts, there are still little gaps between the pieces.

final.skp (85.4 KB)


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