Can I create a shortcut for Edit Group?

I have tendonitis in both wrists. All mouse clicks are the enemy (currently using Logitech MX Master btw).

Is there a way to create a hot key for editing a group, instead of using context menu or clicking inside of group?
I don’t see any option below.


Select it, then hit Enter (standard shortcut for editing object)
In select mode (space bar) and clicking Esc will get you out when in editing mode.

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I’m guessing the answer’s no:

“Enter” on the other end of the keyboard- is this not assignable?

Apologies to anyone who think their answers are being ignored.
I see answers at different times on phone vs computer/ email alert vs forum…
Sorry if I’ve asked this question before and people take it personally- I searched but only my recent post came up…

That method worked thanks.
The key, as you pointed out, was that object has to be selected prior to even opening up the Preferences menu, otherwise it will not be available on the list…