Layout keyboard shortcut - Enter/Escape for editing

Is there a programable shortcut to enable fast entry/exit of groups, text, dimensions etc?
The default keys ENTER and ESCAPE do work fine for this, but they are at opposite ends of the keyboard. SPACEBAR works as per ESCAPE, and is better placed, but ideally I would program the back slash () key for the escape function.
I have stared at the Preferences>Shortcuts list for long enough to accept that there probably isn’t one, but I live in hope.

Why? I do a lot of shop drawings of similar assemblies that need dimensioning. So I copy/paste the dimensions from one assembly to the next, then re-attach the dimensions. It’s faster than dimensioning from scratch and gives a consistent appearance from drawing to drawing.
My fingers were getting worn out from all the double/triple clicking required between entities.

You could do D and Shift-D, for example. But, editing and closing components would need to be a different key.

There’s a shortcut option for Other/Edit Entity which will open a selected group for editing. There aren’t any shortcut options for Edit Dimension or Edit Dimension Text, though.

Sorry @colin, you have lost me. I have the shortcut key Tools/Dimension/Linea already set to D.
What I am after is a programable key to close whatever entity I am editing.

Thanks Dave, but the Enter key works far better on opening all entities for editing.

Of course. Perhaps I misunderstood. I thought you were looking for another option for editing dimensions.

Maybe I need to clarify. The Enter Key works great for opening any entity I want to edit.
What I hoped for was a programmable key to exit the entity.

You could use Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard center to reprogram another escape key. Assuming it allows that.