Another small suggestion for the Entity Info menu

In any menu, when I select text to edit it, I hit Return to end the editing process. Hitting Return then highlights the text, instead of returning me to the model. I can’t count how many times I have edited text, hit Return, and then entered a shortcut key to start drawing or whatever, only to find that I have changed the edited text from what I want to the letter of the shortcut key. Can this be fixed? Perhaps as an option in preferences, for those who like it the way it is?



We’ve been complaining about this for years, and it’s never been changed. I still mess up with this sometimes more than once in a minute of use. 30+ years of MacOS usage as well as all other current MacOS applications I use that don’t behave like this, and my brain will simply not adapt to this behavior.

Yeah, it’s a small thing, but it hurts every time, and I can’t unlearn it either

@Colin @Adam. Hey guys, can you fix this for us stuck-in-our-ways Mac users? At least as an option.

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Good chance to practice your tagging! So you know, me and Adam are also “stuck-in-our-ways Mac users”.

This happens to me constantly. Renaming components or tags or even materials. You’d think hitting enter would lock it in for good but it remains in editing. Perhaps we could ask that hitting escape after enter would return to model?