Entity Dialog - Not selecting some fields after return or enter and typing with search field

When I press CMD-G to type a group, the cursor is not in the group field, but I can live with that.
But when I type text in the group field and press tab or return, the cursor stay inside with the text highlighted.
But as quick as I am, or slow, then f.e I like to do some thing with the object, wat is stil selected of course, and I type a letter like M for move or Q for rotate or any other letter, the text in the group field is replaced with my m or q. Things are happened here, depending on my action, we have to select the grouped object again, if we did press the mouse button to start moving, we have to reselect the group and have to select the group field again en retype the group name.
So please, unselect that group field and move the cursor out of the way. If I have retype the field because of a typo, I can select that field anyway.

My second request:
I use numbers in front of my Layers. So I type 20 then I get the “20 - Comments” layer and so on. I can order group layers my way.
But If, with the popdown button open, I type a few characters and I mistype one and press back space then the field action is not what I expect, or what I like.
If I type, the popdown list scrolls to the first found similar item, but if I press backspace, I wold like that it again scroll to the ‘first’ found similar item, and not stays where it was before.

You first request is among the many GUI usability issues already known in SketchUp on the Mac. We Mac users have been complaining about these for a long time, but so far with no result.