Can anyone check a dwg file please?


I’m trying to import a dwg file but get the error message about “Some imported geometry is extremely far from the model origin…” I then get a message saying import failed.

I don’t have a CAD program so can’t open it. If anyone can have a look and sort the problem I would be really grateful. :wink:

Kind regards, Sally
118 2 Mossway - site plan DWG.dwg (17.0 KB)

I opened it in Qcad, and it’s empty, you have layers with nothing on it.

Then, I imported it in sketchup and… I think it’s missing xrefs :

Capture d’écran 2024-01-21 à 11.34.41

as you can see, all that was imported was 4 layers, no lines nothing, but the interesting part is what was ignored.

I wonder if the dwg file was just a file with an external second file placed inside it. (an xref)
from the name of the file, could it be that the actual plan was imported in this file (for further annotations maybe) ? therefore it’s not actually in it ?

(and yes, I choose not to keep the drawing’s origin, but got the far geometry alert anyway)

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Hi Nab,

thanks so much for your help and your speedy response. I’ll go back to the architect and try and sort it out.

Best, Sally

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@sally_p, tell him to Bind the Xref to the current drawing


Thanks @mihai.s, very useful advice. :smiley:

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