Cabmaker32 web service code 25 help!

I need help!

@gkernan I paid for Cabmaker32 for my business startup. I have an annoying web service code 25. Can you help?

Username: jonathannhannah

Try contacting him directly. See:

I’ve emailed and had no replies - checked all my folders and spam.

I have no idea what’s up with him but e-mail seems like the best option for contacting him. Unfortunately it seems like a lot of users are having licensing problems with Cabmake32. At this stage I think it doesn’t make sense to count on this extension for your new business.

Sorry - covid got in my way
please skype me at or email me
Still have cold and hot flashes

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Get well soon Garry!

you need to provide me with your userid so I can help you

Hi Gary. I’m having the same issue. My user name is jrod78 and I’ve updated Sketchup and now the extension thinks I’m using a new computer.

Did you see his post?

Thanks. I just emailed @gkernan. I hope he’s able to get back to me soon.