Cable Awning Sunshade

This project was just finished and now ready to go out to bid.
Used SU and LO exclusively. Best Regards.


You always create such nice looking work.

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Stunning work @Lindsey

Could I ask how you ‘knocked’ the house back in the front Elevation, which centres the attention on the Proposal, with the faded effect?


Hi Mike,
Thank you for the complement.

I used a rectangle of White (RGB = 255, 255, 255 & Opacity = 80%) in front of the (E) house elevation. I have found this opacity to work well for my screen resolution and printing resolution.

Additionally, I like to place the (E) elevation on one layer, the rectangle on a second layer and the (N) construction on a third layer (from bottom to top in the stack). In this way I can look at the different elements together or separately with the LO layer panel visibility control ‘and’ lock them independently.


@DaveR, thank you very much. Keep on working at it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Congrats. Not only color but full page perspectives on construction drawings! What’s next? Animation?

Thank you.
The perspectives for me are an added benefit of using SU.
The 2D elements on drawing sheets A.04 - S.07 are from the same “base” model as the perspectives.
(The 2D and 3D elements on sheets S.08-S.12 are from SU 3D details that I create, many times cutting and pasting from the base perspective model, in a separate “detail” model).
Best Regards.

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Beautiful work. Love the sheet composition.

Thank you, @Ccaponigro, much appreciated.

Thank you @Lindsey

Looks brilliant. Think I’ll have to incorporate that in some of my work. It certainly focuses attention where it’s needed.


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Super odd and ludicrous question. We have found the perspectives to be invaluable and moreso on site visits when things arent exactly to the drawings and can make some changes and dump a fresh PDF to the on-site printer in the construction trailer.

But honestly, on so many levels, shop drawings, submittals, its so odd that this level of drawing, and the perspective/shaded/textured, are met by so many in the industry with complete confusion?

Do you find this in your work?

My work has been almost exclusively residential for 30+ years and SU has been a boon in that world. Customers have said at the onset that its over complicating to do drawings then when they see them they dont know how they lived without them. On the commercial side,… its a weird paradigm.

PM’s and on-site love it. Just wondering what your overall experience is. I feel with SU I can supply all the standards cuts AND the perspectives for clarification but at what point (if any) do you find it confuses things and leads to more questions than it solves?

Majorly impressive project, and equally impressive drawings.

I remember hearing Nick Sonder speak to that point at 3D Basecamp six or eight years ago. He spoke of the resistance from some people but he was swaying them to looking at documents that have perspective views and color because they more easily communicate the information especially to those who aren’t able to read the accompanying text or weren’t as familiar with the reading 2D construction drawings as they needed to be. I wonder about the changes to this that he’s seen in his area.

People who are “in-the-work” seem to really be able to lock it down much faster. Perhaps that speaks to part of the problem that many of those doing the drawings dont put a lot of weight in that world. The architect/designer is selling the project to their client. ■■■■ flows down hill to the rest that have to try to interpret their poorly represented intent and try to implement it on-budget.

A large part of what I run into secondarily outputting these type drawings from drafted plans is a bit of a bristle-up when the architect sees all the flaws in their drawings as opposed to enjoying the luxury of someone else making their vison workable (usually for a grossly under compensated cost).

It seem SU forces a lot to see the flaws in the workability of the design in the real world.

Im not complaining about SU at all, more a commentary of how on the commercial side to either contribute or just deliver whats on the page and walk away (which is the norm and why everything is so insane expensive)

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I’ve been working on a Project recently, where I have taken over the work from the original CAD guy.

The work is on site at the moment, but I decided to
Model the proposal, which is a large commercial office, based on the drawings completed before I got involved.

When the Designer on the Project realised I was using Sketchup Pro, she was surprised and confused at the same time. She stated that all the drawings to date were done in 2D using AutoCAD. Not only that, but the way walls has been drawn was as separate straight dynamic blocks. She couldn’t understand why I had created a 3D Model.

As well as the issue mentioned above of interpreting information from various 2D views, I do believe this method of designing/drawing does have other issues.

Firstly, if changes are required to one object, all the other views where that object appears need to be updated manually. This can result in elements being missed, and associated views not being updated.

Secondly, potential clashes can be missed, which can be costly on site. I’m pretty sure it was John Brock who posted an article a while ago on Constructibility. I feel Sketchup is perfect for this. Modelling in Sketchup has identified clashes on a number of Projects I’ve worked on, which is fine as it was before work started on site, meaning the issue can be resolved at far less expense that when it’s too late.

When the Designer asked why I use the method I use, my first response was that we live in a 3D world and we build in 3D. I also stated that once the Model is done, views and elevations can be generated as required, which are ALL updated when the Model changes. I also expressed how important I feel it is that Perspective views can be shown alongside the 2D views to aid in the communication of the Design and Construction. On top of this, the client can be shown the Model on a screen, and see views from
Various viewpoints.

I use Sketchup to ‘Build’ the Designs electronically, as they will be built on site, which, so far, the Clients have appreciated, and the Contractors, once they’ve got their heads around it, can see the benefit.



Nicely Done!

I was following the thread and I wondered what question you found ludicrous. It seems the only question was mine. I guess you took it wrong, because I was praising the effort and direction. I was only joking about animations (which of course play a part, if not in construction drawings), to make a point of the step beyond-the-ordinary that is provided in this presentation. We don’t always use the perspectives in the construction documents, let alone full page color, but ,as an example, we are in construction now and still producing renderings for the whole team and they all appreciated it.

This is really great work. Thanks for sharing.

Nicely Done

Yes! Very nice! Thanks for sharing your work!

Hi @mondrian, @dannorris, @Queku and @max-firespeaking, Thank you very much for your complements and liking this project, it is very rewarding to be able to share my enjoyment and work product of SU and LO with others. Best Regards.