Cable Awning Sunshade

Great work Lindsey, always like the drawings you do. I myself have started using Nick Sonder’s work flow & found great feed back from clients & contractors.


Here, Here.
@MichaelSiggers has described my Number 1 reason for the project value of 3D modeling.

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Hi @de71855, thank you for the complement.
I agree, Nick’s work flow created one of the key foundations of my SU/LO work flow.
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Hi Lindsey, Awesome work.

I appreciate you sharing the white rectangle opacity trick. I just used it yesterday to show a cooler fitting into a cooler surround while still being able to detail only the surround for construction.


Really inspiring work! The shaded rectangle is a great idea. Do you mind sharing what fonts you use? To my eye they look better than most. Thanks!

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@JoelV, Thank you very much for your complement. Pleased to learn that you are using the white rectangle to good effect. Best.

@stevocraino, Thank you very much for your complements. The font I use is Candara from Win10. For the notes and dimensions I use 11pt, and adjust larger or smaller from there for different uses. Best.