Cabinet sense removal

I have decided that CabinetSense is not a useful addition for me and have removed it from my system but some Cabinetsense related Tag/layers appear on opening new files.
Where can I find the folder to delete the data that creates those tags please? Nothing turns up on a file search


Is it possible that your default template has those tags already established? To check that, you could open the template folder and copy your default template’s .skp file and share it in a reply here. I will open it and see if the tags exist. Since I don’t have and never have had CabinetSense installed, the presence of those tags would imply they are just present in your template. A new template without them will fix it. To open the folder where your template resides go to SketchUp>Preferences>Files and click on the folder icon to the right of Templates.

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That was exactly the problem! New template - problem solved. Thank you