Sketchup seems to be restricting connection with CabinetSense

I just purchased SketchUp Pro 2023 and have been trying to install CabinetSense extenstion. I just keep getting “could not open language file” when I agree to the CabinetSense terms. Then,
when asked to enter license information, I enter my email address and click “Register for two week trial”, And a message saying “This email address cannot be used for a new trial” then “Could not open version file”
After several emails back and forth with CabinetSense customer support. We even did a zoom call where I shared my screen. The guy basically gave up eventually and said he was stumped. He seemed to think Sketchup was restricting me somehow. Whatever that means. emailed sketchup and followed their suggestions and still not working. Any ideas?

When you installed SketchUp 2023, did you do so via “Run as administrator” ?

Try following these instructions to Repair the SketchUp installation …

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Note that in my quoted post above the link is directly downloading SU 2021 for Windows. The other versions including latest 2023, can be downloaded here:

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Thanks, I tried the suggested repair but unfortunately it hasn’t solved the problem

Seems like it must be something to do with my security settings, but I can’t for the life of me find what’s preventing it from working