Not allowing Access!

HI Everytime I try to open a file when the software is open I get the following. As soon as I shut SU down and reopen it fine. I need to ‘copy in place’ an item and this is stopping me from doing it.

Any ideas?

My network is fine as is my internet access.

Sign out of SketchUp, close it, open it and sign in again with your e-mail address and password.

The subscription license requires a sign in every 28 days.

That’s quite a bunch of tools you’ve got there. You could free up some real estate if you get rid of the redundant tools.

Are they tools or are they emojis telling a fantastic tale of derring do?

I feel sure I have seen something like that at Thebes.

Thanks Dave that sorted it. I don’t know why it is doing it. It is happening roughly every two days.

I wish I could remember what half of them do! When I need them I can never find them!

It shouldn’t happen every two days, though. Watch it again and see.

Is this with SU2021? Did you install it by right clicking on the downloaded installer and choosing Run as administrator?

Might help to get rid of the redundant ones and then turn off the toolbars for those extensions you aren’t using.

its working out which one is which! I have downloaded Curic’s menu manager but never get time to use it!

I do need to sort them out.

If you make a screen shot showing the entire SketchUp screen I’ll point out the redundant ones.

yes it is 2021. It has been happening a lot recently. I will keep an eye on it.

thanks. Off to bed now so will do it tomorrow if that is ok and thanks for your help.

Did you install it correctly?