Can't Open Files

It says “You can continue using Sketchup But you can’t open new or existing files.” Anyone know why this is? I have a SketchUp Pro account that is active.


are you ‘logged in’?

if your on a subscription SU will log you out every 28 days [of inactivity]…


Thanks John. Yes I am logged in.

being logged into SU and logged into your subscription are confusingly separate things…

maybe @MikeWayzovski or @colin can explain it better than I can…


This message will also show up when you have to many devices tied to your Trimble ID.
Help->Welcome screen will get you to the Welcome screen, then choose to manage your subscription.
You are directed to your AMP (Account Management Portal) where you can ‘deauthorize all’
This will reset all tied devices ( with some delay, though)

Yes I think you were right John. I uninstalled and reinstalled and signed in and I’m back up and running. Super appreciate everyone’s willingness to weigh in.

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