Export Cabinetvision file into sketchup (or Import cabinetvision file into sketchup)

Hi all, I use cabinetvision solid drafter to draw up cabinetry and would like to export the file to use within sketchup so it saves me redrawing it. I want to use sketchup to do better rendering etc. When I try to export the file on Cabinetvision, it only allows me to export as a DXF file. When I go to import a file in sketchup, the file isn’t visible for me to upload. Has anyone got any ideas on if this is possible?

I know that it is possible to import sketchup files into cabinetvision, but this isn’t what I am trying to achieve.

You need to be using SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Shop to import DXF files. It sounds as if this is your business so you need to be using Pro or Shop anyway.

Ah ok. Thanks DaveR. I am new to sketchup and trying out some new processes and hoping that it will work. So looks like I have to buy before I can try with sketchup pro in order to check if it will be a smooth process. Have you done this before with cabinetvision? Did you have any issues with the file when it was in Sketchup?

There’s a 30-day trial period when you download SketchUp Pro, so no, you don’t have to buy it to try it.

Although I mostly use SketchUp for furniture and cabinet work I haven’t used Cabinetvision–no need because I can do everything I need in SketchUp and LayOut. If you have a proper DXF file, you should be able to import it into SketchUp. Depending on how the DXF file is set up, you will likely have some amount of additional work to do to make the file usable.

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Ok I will try out the sketchup Pro and see if it is going to work. Hopefully it wont require a lot of work to make the file useable. I probably need to get my head around using sketchup for cabinetry work, it just seems long winded and tiresome to draw up cabinets by lines and pushing and pulling. So I thought if I combined the two maybe I can get the best of both worlds. We will see…Thanks for your help

I guess I don’t find it long-winded and tiresome to draw up cabinets in SketchUp. By using components properly, a whole kitchen doesn’t take that long to model. Since you’re using Cabinetvision already, I guess I’d ask what it is you expect SketchUp to do for you. I’m not trying to talk you out of using it but I’m curious about why you want to use it after you’ve drawn up the cabinets in Cabinetvision.

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I use cabinetvision for kitchens and bathrooms and the rendering isn’t very good. I want to then use sketchup to change the materials and add furnishings to improve the look of the area. I have been trying out drawing up bathrooms in sketchup and that is really simple. it is kitchens that I find take a lot longer and I find it easier with drag and drop in CV. I would also like to then use a rendering add on like Vray or Podium

I see. As far as the drag and drop thing, you can certainly do that either using cabinet components from the 3D Warehouse or by making your own components and saving them into a library or local collection.

Hmm I never thought of that. I was only showed how to draw them up with lines and push-pull. That would definitely save time. I will have a look at some of the options in 3D warehouse. As you can see, I am a real Newbie to sketchup! :slight_smile:

Before you worry too much about drawing up an entire kitchen, take some time to learn how to use the program correctly and create components.

FWIW, here an example of one of the kitchens I’ve done. In this case every cabinet is a custom piece so using pre-existing components, while possible, wasn’t especially practical for me.

Typically the projects I do are much more complex and detailed.

Oh right, this makes me think differently. So basically I should be creating/downloading components for cabinetry that can be my “drag n drop” catalogue and modify them to create a kitchen design. I actually did a kitchen design course here in Australia using Sketchup and they only basically taught me the basics (it really wasn’t very good). Looks like some beautiful furniture you draw!

Yes. My suggestion is to draw up a basic cabinet the way you would build it creating components for each part you’d make in the shop. Then save the entire cabinet as a component. You can then modify copies of it as you go… Once you have one base cabinet component made, it’s trivial to modify the copies to make all of the rest of the base cabinets you’d need. The same goes for the uppers. Bring in appliances and fixtures from the 3D Warehouse.

Thanks. projects like those are more the norm for me. Very rarely will two projects utilize any of the same parts but it’s still not terribly difficult to do.

Hi Dave,
This may be off topic, I’m new to the forum and am not sure where to put my enquiry.
I’ve been using Sketchup for cabinetry and woodwork for a good while now, but I’m finding it time consuming to generate cutting lists etc. Having spent so much time with SU (and not much other software) I’m daunted at the learning curve and the expense of the other software specific to my industry. I wanted to know if there are other tools (extensions??) that would work together with SU to make my life easier. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

I sent you a private message.

Can I see the screenshot on how you export the Cabinetvision into dxf file.

Hi Paul and Dave,
Did you get an answer on these? I am interested in getting some good quality cabinets that are already created? Can anyone suggest any please?

This may be 2 years too late… If you send your room to drawings in 3D, then go to drawings and export that drawing as dxf file. Importing that file into sketchup works for me. However the changing of material and color is easy in cabinet vision to change, for me anyway.

Hi Dave, JP123,

I’ve been using SU for a while now and currently going through a process of taking joinery (kitchens, bedroom etc) Cabinet Vision files to SU but its not smooth sailing. Scaling seems to be off when the model lands in SU so I have to manually change this. The Geometry is also ‘sticky’ so we export without cabinet fronts and add the fronts to the imported model. This allows us to render internal and external views of the joinery.

Cabinet Vision has parametric constraints set that allows ease for manufacture (shelf hole drilling, cabinet gable ends fixings etc). This is the reason why it is used in our organization. I’ve heard of CabinetSense as plugin to assist SU with transferring models to CNC/ manufacture. I’m wondering what the best way to go about this, any recommendations on how to streamline the process so there’s less model processing overall?