Cabinets and DIe Walls From Sketch Up Pro to Cabinet Vision We have anyone doing this?

We are looking to use Sketch up to create our DXF files for Cabinet Vision. Has anyone else here tried this and successfully in bring in the correct layers for Cabinet Vision.

i’ve used SU to create DXG/DWG files for use in ACAD (-like) apps - usually get a DWG/DXF template from the client as well as all the tags (layers) and units, colors etc for the tags to create the appropriate template. when weighted/colored lines are needed and more advanced text - i use the SU models in LayOut and export from there.

if the Cabinet vision folks have a template with the layers defined, then importing that would be a good first step.

I know the Layers that I need and have created them. one problem I’m having is that multiple cutouts in a part want to bring just the initial layer and not the cut out layer. I’m new to sketchup and draw everything to 3d spiral staircases in Autocad but the company I work for wants to try and use sketchup and cabinet vision which doesn’t really matter to me, just another software to learn and get proficient with.

maybe share the file if you can so folks can provide more accurate suggestions. are you using the scenes to show the various layers via section planes/cuts?

Uploading: 3D Low wall Problems.pdf…
3D Low Wall.skp (759.0 KB)
here is what seems to be going on

are you trying to hide the circular openings in each of the vertical parts? if you were to use opening cutting components and put them on a layer, you could hide them to show a solid part. or create an alternate part without openings and hide them when showing ones with openings - and vice versa.
3D Low Wall - using alternate components.skp (595.5 KB)

No I’m actually wanting to cut the circle holes out in the studs for a wire chase