SketchUp for Cabinetmakers (CabinetSense extension)

Hi folks I’ve just uploaded to YouTube the first of my presentations from 3D Basecamp about SketchUp for cabinetmakers. It introduces what the CabinetSense extension can do to automate design and production drawings for bespoke sized cabinetry, including outputting cutting lists and sheet cutting diagrams, with all parts automatically labelled. It also shows my own drawing template and workflow to make the 3D model itself a central place for communication to my team.

The second talk I’m delivering today will be about the next stage of sending those parts to CNC.

If I’m slow responding to comments next week it’s because I’m taking some time out hiking. I came down with Covid and basically missed the whole conference, confined to my hotel room a short walk away, it was really gutting!! But we managed to deliver my presentations via video link.