Bumps on Curved Shell

So, I’m trying to make a “bump” effect on my structure like this image here:

I already have the shell structure, but can’t figure out how to make these bumps on them. Do you have any methods or tips for doing so? It’s looking like this so far:

I’ll be updloading the file if any of you want to test or so. Anyways, hope to get some help! :smiley:
ajustes - mari.skp (13.0 MB)

Do you have any other photos that show the roof profile?

Are you using the free web version of SketchUp as indicated in your profile?

Acctualy, I use SketchUp Pro, and about the image, I found this one. It’s kind of a curved steel deck roof.

Please correct your profile. That information is important for giving you guidance on how to model this as the tools available to you are different between the free web version and the pro version.

That’s not a real great image but if this is basically simple corrugated steel, you can draw the end profile and use Follow Me to make the roof. Don’t plan to add the corrugation after you’ve extruded it. Maybe better would be to use a texture instead of creating the geometry. That would create less of an impact on file size and could still communicate the design idea.

Here the setup for Follow Me on the right and after running it on the left. Tons of geometry created, though.

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Quonset hut
And like Dave says…better to use an image to show the “ribbing”.