Create a Inflatable Greenhouse Wall

Hi my friends, i have to model a Greenhouse made with steel and Inflatable translucent plastic wall.
Like this picture:

What kind of command or plugin/extension could use to simply model that curved surface?
I have to start from a sqare, flat, plan and then, make a “convexity” shape (sorry for english word…).

Hope you could undestand what i mean.

Thanks my friends

Draw the profile face, then pushpull it the length of the greenhouse.
Then delete the 2 ends and backface.

The problem is that if i use only the pushpull, two of the 4 edge, doesn’t curve naturally to the edge… it’s bit difficult to explain what i mean… i know…

Maybe you could find a better illustration to show what you are trying to achieve.

I’m thinking that Soap Skin Bubble might do the job but I don’t know exactly what’s wrong with Dan’s suggestion.

Tried with soap skin bubble… here are the results of my tests.

how you can see, the mesh doesn’t follow the “real” shape of a sqared surface, “blowed” from one of the two side of it.

I need a thing like this… but much more accurated

Have a try with Fredo6’s Curviloft.


I agree with DaveR SSB is the right tool for pneumatic structures. Only use the rectangle shape to create the mesh, this means erase all the archs. After you have created the mesh add the required pressure to achieve the desired shape.

If you look more for tensil structure shape then use one of this plugins: SandBox tools (SketchUp ), Curviloft (by Fredo6), ExtrudeTools (by TIG),…following the archs you have drawn.

PS: Box bet me in a very explicit way.

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It’s perfect!! Only a question… how do you make the GIF to explain that???