Bugsplat window not available

Whenever there is a bugsplat the window in which we report what caused the crash is no longer appearing for me. Any ideas as to what is happening?

I am running 2019 and Mac OS (High Sierra).

Does the bugsplat icon appear in the dock? There are some kinds of crashes that bugsplat can’t capture,in which case SketchUp simply vanishes.

I’ve had Bug Splats on my Mac that show the icon in the dock but no window to add info or send.

@edson What is your standard browser?
@DaveR What is yours?
Perhaps the OS won’t let them open a new tab.

@DaveR how long did you wait for BugSplat to appear? I’ve had a few occasions when there was a very long delay between the crash and the BugSplat window opening. I don’t know why…maybe network or server delay while calling home?

@MikeWayzovski it looks to me like BugSplat opens its own dialog to collect and submit data, independent of your browser. But the followup acknowledgement page from SketchUp uses the browser after BugSplat has sent in the report.

it’s likely due to issues with the embedded ‘BugsplatReporter.app’…

I’ve never seen the issue on my iMac, but saw it on my MacBookPro…

you could try opening it independently and see if it has a ‘Downloaded from the internet’ flag or similar…



A while. Then the Bug Splat icon disappears in a cloud of smoke on it’s own.

How do you know it’s a bugsplat if yuou don’t see the bugsplat window?

The bugsplat icon appears alongside the other app icons when I press command-tab. Clicking on it I am taken to what looks like an application but nothing comes out of its menus.

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My standard browser is Safari. It worked fine with Sketchup 2018.

I have the same issue. Can’t report bugs on OS X. Changing the default browser from Chrome to Safari didn’t work.

My console show this:
ends in this before Bugsplat closes of its own accord: