BugSplats - Why is it opening a browser

I did have this morning several crashes, and when I fill in the bugsplash report, after it opens my browser, and thats really unwanted. If I have my browser closed and are in an hotel, hospital or train, it opens my browser and start loading all my pages. Opening a browser and then a page with " 123456 - Sorry, your crashed" is waste of info, I know that I am crashed.

Instead of opening a browser, you can respond in the bugsplahs window with the note: " 123456 - Sorry, your crashed".

Please make it different. Think Different. ;p

It’s been so long since I’ve experienced a bug splat that I’m not sure what you’re describing.

Did the bug splat itself cause your browser to open, or a new tab to appear?

Or was it something you did in the bug splat - like add your email or a description - that caused the browser activity?

Adding screen captures would help as well.

This has been the standard behavior for a while now. When the splat matches a known common issue the web page will tell you. It provides the logged report number so you can refer to it when seeking support. I assume it must open in a browser because SketchUp is not running (just crashed) and bugsplat has no way of its own to show feedback about a submitted report.

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If the browser is open then it creates a new tab. But hwen the browser is not open then it want to create a new tab, so the browser will get started first.

The result was just “sorry you crashed” with a number.
Of course they can build bugsplash to receive information back, they could even use webkit instead of only one way traffic.

You are ultimately right, but BugSplat is not a Trimble or SketchUp product, it is a utility they license from BugSplat. So at least in the short term, SketchUp has to work with what is supported. BugSplat was designed as a developer’s tool to provide crash feedback to the development team, it wasn’t intended to be user-oriented. The current web-page of feedback is an improvement on the basic system, which doesn’t even acknowledge that your report has been submitted!


I wonder if the Bug Splat folks could provide a switch so those who don’t care if their report is submitted could disable the page opening.

I looks like that there is a way that Trimble can do, what it send back to the user.
Maybe I should download an trial version of bug splat, however it is not my job/ read as in ‘no time’ to check it.

How would that be different than what we have at the moment? because it already allows the user to choose to send the report which opens the browser, but if you choose not to send the report it doesn’t open the browser window,

That’s correct but our friend is complaining about the browser window opening after sending the Bug Splat report. I guess the solution now is to not send the report. I think he wants to send the report but doesn’t care to know that it was sent.

Correct, if it is send then i’am happy, they could notify me, by using bugsplat, that it is received. They have a connection. To open a non open browser is often unwanted, it start loading all your webpages, and deffintly unnesaresly when the response is “sorry, your crashedl” with a number.

This could be implemented better. The bugsplat thing could make a request under the hood to the server and only open the web page if there actually is information for that specific crash. Perhaps the info could even be shown directly in the bugsplat window, but web pages are quite handy as they have an address you can use as reference when sharing with others.

However it shouldn’t check whether the browser is already open because that is outside SketchUp’s/Bugsplat’s responsibility. Whether a different program (the standard browser) is open or not should not affect whether a web page is opened. That would be a quite illogical connection that could create more problems down the road, and lead to users unknowingly missing information because they haven’t already started their browser.

Just a few years ago this would have been an even bigger problem because then browsers typically forgot the whole saved session when a third party program started the browser by requesting a web site. Losing my session used to drive me nuts! I think Avast had a bad habit of erasing my browsing session for no apperant reason.

Btw, I think most browser wait to load tabs until the tab is activated, which should prevent most traffic. I can still see how it is annoying though.

Your joking right? If whomever what to do something on someone’s system should ask for permission.
It is a few line’s of code to check it and to do it right.
They check, I guess, what is your default browser, so why not if it is running.

So to understand: you’re at a hotel, hospital or train, but on the internet, correct? So a check for internet connectivity wouldn’t be adequate. And it’s a recent phenomena that browsers will reopen tabs, and we just haven’t updated to be aware of that. We can certainly pass on the request to render that page directly in bugsplat instead of the default browser. And I kinda get it where there’s not a blue link underlined text to indicate that a browser would open. Instead, the Send button does it without indication, which breaks the “Don’t surprise the user” clause. Bugs being filed.


I am absolutely not joking. Checking whether a third party program runs and use that to determine what action a different program should do is frankly a quite stupid idea. It’s like having the light switch in your kitchen only turn on the light if the oven is turned on. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Your joking again. Haha your funny. Thats having the front door atomically get open when someone rings the bell. Its invasive when there was no permit.

In code you check all ways if something is running or available, like networking if there is a reference or pointer to a device, why not here?

I guess you don’t care but we do here.
Instead of bringing a solution, which your often do here, this has no use here.

Thank you very much.

The most welcome response, at least for me, is a response in BugSplat itself. Clean, no surprise, and expected. I guess they wil receive more info like system os, IP address, and the other Browser info. But they could that figure out anyway in bugsplat.

Your sarcasm is not entertaining. It’s actually quite rude.

Because it makes no sense! Having SketchUp check whether a browser is running and silently omitting information if it’s not would be an extremely arbitrary and illogical connection. Maybe the ding sound when an error occurs should only play if Spotify is running, and if Spotify isn’t running it is assumed the user is in a library or other quiet environment? Sure it could be done but it wouldn’t make any sense.

I care about not impairing SketchUp, which you seem to want.

I have already suggested that busplat makes a request to the SketchUp server to see if there is any additional info to show, and only navigate to the page if there is. I also said the info could perhaps be shown inside BugSplat but gave a few reasons why it isn’t necessarily better.

This assumption is incorrect. When a program (other than the web browser itself) wants to navigate to a web page it passes the URL to the OS and the OS handles what program to call. Then it is up to that program to decide how to handle tabs and saved sessions.

Why are you stuck on this specific implementation? Other solutions have already been suggested.

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