Big problem "BUGSPlat "



i have a big problem in your application (Sketchup) but my problem name is “BUGSPlat”

​What is the problem and the solution??!!

my win 8.1

Please help me:sweat:


BugSplat is the name of the technique that SketchUp uses to catch and report fatal errors in the program. It should open a window asking you to enter identifying information so that Trimble can contact you and then a button to click to submit the report. The Trimble staff will look at the report and analyze what caused the crash. They will get back to you with instructions on how to address the problem. Of course, all of this requires that you filled in and submitted the BugSplat report.


@abdlilahbb, please correct your forum profile:

Graphic Card: dsvs
Operating System: vfd
SketchUp Make/Pro version: windows64