Bugsplat when trying to render

Can anyone help me out on why my sketch up is bugsplating everytime I select any part of V-Ray eg. asset editor or render… it doesn’t open either of them before bugsplat!!!
i’ve updated sketch up to 2023 as well as uninstalled & reinstalled V-Ray 6… nothing has helped.

would it be if my file was too big? i’ve built not to scale & it is very large

Can you share the file you’re trying to render? If it’s too big use wetransfer, google drive, Dropbox or any platform you prefer. And share the link to download it, make sure the file is public.

I copied what you modeled (without any of the objects you imported) into a new file and the V-Ray works normally.

Avoid downloading the components from 3D Warehouse directly into the model you are working in, test them in a temporary file and only then import them.

Learn the basics of SketchUp - groups, components, tags, etc… at learn.sketchup.com

You should really follow Mihai´s advice and learn the basics before you continue with the project. It’s all loose geometry except for the models you downloaded from the 3D ware house, the scale of the house is for giants, the house has two floors but its more than 30m from the floor of the first level and the roof.

I’ll try to correct some of it and send uploade it here. just by purging the model went from 101mb to 46kb.

thanks for your inputs. But please be kind… I’m a young girl that’s learning in university for her assignments… i never said i was a professional & i have never encounted this problem with any of my previous projects

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so you suggest it’s one of the models i imported from 3D warehouse that is causing the bugsplat when i try to render?
is there a way to figure which one? can it be a material also?

That’s why I prefer and it’s more logical to create your own components, whose details (low poly) you can control, instead of facing a lot of problems with those imported from 3D Warehouse, from too large (high poly model), to errors of this kind or bigger ones, where you then have to waste time finding and repairing them.

Since V-Ray works without those components in the model, instead of wasting time finding which component or material creates the problem, it’s better to look for new ones, test them in a separate file and then import them into your model.
But before that, create the model correctly (at real scale), use groups, components and tags, so you can work easily and have a good result.
This is how you will start learning to work correctly in SketchUp.

i don’t have time to re-do & re-learn sketch up this week… my assignment is due on sunday…
i’m simply asking how to not have the bugsplat… so i just asked if it is being caused by one of the objects from 3D warehouse?
as i will go through them & work out which one it is as i dont have that many in my model…

At what model you have, normally to restore it correctly would take at least 5 times less than to look for which component gives you the error, but you do as you think is best for you. It would probably take about 10-15 minutes to model the house correctly.

wow aren’t you a lovely person. Thanks for all that. this is infact a first year university students model… for an assignment that you have no idea on what the brief is… doors were not wanted - i appreciate you trying to help but maybe try to be nicer about it. i never said i was a professional nor did i ask for you to tell me everything that is wrong with my work or design … i’ve figured it out & done amazing renders that i will let you know when they receive a high distinction for my mark cause i always have…
thanks. have a good day

I wasn’t rude, just telling you what’s wrong with your model, not your design, if you want to keep that workflow and get great renders its fine, nobody is forcing you to learn, if you are sure that you’ll succeed and get high distinctions, we´re just giving you advice and help you without receiving anything, but clearly you know what you´re doing, sorry for telling you the, what I thought were mistakes on your model. I´ll just leave, I thought you were having trouble but I was wrong.
Have a nice life.

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